PuduBot 2

The Best Selling Service Robot


Global Market Share

Number of Awards

Total Global Operating Hours

PuduBot 2 is Globally The Best Selling Service Robot

Some of the businesses you will find PuduBot 2 serving are Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, and Factories.

Visual Navigation System VSLAM+

Utilizing a real-time dual lidar and visual navigation and position systems provides the robot with highly accurate routing and obstacle avoidance capabilities.

Dual Lidar Providing Greater Navigation Precision

360 degrees environment mapping

Designed for Service

PuduBot2’s functional design provides reliable service 7 days a week 24 hours a day within your business.  Some of its capabilities are product/food delivery, table busing, room prep delivery/take away, shop floor delivery/take away, cruise mode, birthday celebration, and information display through a customizable billboard.

Customizable Billboard Screen

Adjustable Trays

3D Bar Code Scanner

Protective Food Cover

Foldout Drink Holder

Watch PuduBot2 Servicing Customers at Denny’s

Advanced Suspension and Drive System

PuduBot2 advanced suspension and drive system allows the robot to maintain speed and stability while moving across wood, tile, or carpeted floors.

Navigates areas of up to 430,556 sq ft

Automatic Docking and Recharging

Remote Control and Paging

Designed for Real World Environments and Easy Clean Up

PuduBot 2 Provides Services Across Industries


Retail Stores



Manage, Maintain, and Report on PuduBot2

A cloud-based management platform allows you to control and manage multiple robots remotely including current operational status, activity reporting, and maintenance notifications.


Expand the Capabilities of BellaBot 

PudaBot 2 Specifications


22.83 x 21.06 x 50.79 inches

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Battery Life

10 to 24 hours based on usage

Maximum Load Capacity

88.18 pounds


85.98 pounds

Tray Size

20.47 x 17.01 inches

Number of Trays

3 to 7

Charge Time

3 Hours

Speed and Climb Angle

1.64 to 3.9 feet per second (adjustable)

 Climbing angle ≤ 5 degrees