The Future of Autonomous Delivery Robots Has Arrived

FlashBot Communicates with Smart IoT Devices

FlashBot can control smart IoT (internet of things) devices as well as communicate through text messages or a phone system to notify staff or customers of its status.

Advanced Navigation and Avoidance System

FlashBot utilizes 3 high-resolution RGBD cameras along with a dynamically adjusting lidar to safely navigate in high-traffic buildings.

Automatic Recharging

When FlashBots battery is low it will automatically return to its recharging station.

Modular Electronically Controlled Compartment

The storage compartment is customizable as well as electronically opened and closed to safely move its contents to its destination where a code may be used to unlock it.

UV Light Sterilizing Compartments

The compartments feature a controllable UV light which offers a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%.

Auto-Leveling Suspension

FlashBot navigates smoothly across any floor surface using its six-wheel independent suspension.

Coordinated  Navigation

Multiple FlashBots within the same facility will communicate between themselves to plan and execute optimal travel paths.


Manage, Maintain, and Report on FlashBot

A cloud-based management platform allows you to control and manage multiple robots remotely including current operational status, activity reporting, and maintenance notifications.


Expand the Capabilities of FlashBot

FlashBot Specifications


21.22 x 20.28 x 41.34 inches

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Battery Life

12 hours based on usage

Maximum Load Capacity

66.14 pounds, 33.07 pounds per tray

Tray Size

17.24 x 16.14 inches


121.25 pounds

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charge Time

4.5 Hours


1.64 to 4.92 feet per second (adjustable)

Tray Heights

11.25 inches