Award Winning Delivery Robot

BellaBot is the Ideal Delivery Robot

Some of the businesses you will find BellaBots serving are Restaurants, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Hotels and Factories.

Dual Laser and Visual Navigation System

Utilizing real-time laser and visual navigation and position systems provides the robot with highly accurate routing and obstacle avoidance capabilities.

Designed for Service, Inspired by Nature

BellaBot was bionics engineered to be highly functional as well as easy to use and visually pleasing. Bionics-inspired engineering is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to design robots and modern technology.

BellaBot Can Change Outfits To Fit Any Business

3D Obstacle Avoidance

BellaBots 3D obstacle avoidance system allows it to navigate within high-traffic environments safely.  It has the ability to stop at any travel angle when encountering an obstacle within .05 seconds.

Detects Obstacles 90 Times Per Second

Front Angle Detection 192.64 Degrees

Front Obstacle Detection Range Exceed 32.8 Feet

Light, Touch, and Visual Expression Interaction

BelaBot interacts with its environment and the people within it using light, touch, and visual expressions.


Light Interaction


Touch Interaction


Visual Expressions

Additonal Features

Infrared Trays

Smart trays are capable of sensing when objects (i.e. food, glass, towel, etc.) are placed or removed from the tray.

Battery Pack

The battery packs provide for the rapid exchange of precharged battery packs to keep BellaBot operational 7 x 24.

3D Depth Cameras

Provides BellaBot with real-time three-dimensional perception information to detect and stop when encountering obstacles within 0.5 seconds.

Auto-Leveling Suspension

BellaBot is capable of traveling across all types of floor surfaces utilizing its auto-level adaptive variable suspension.

Advanced Networking

Two or more BellaBots will directly communicate with each other over a private high-speed network to reduce network congestion on the customer’s network as well as allow robots to quickly calculate optimal travel and avoidance pathways.

Manage, Maintain, and Report on BellaBot

A cloud-based management platform allows you to control and manage multiple robots remotely including current operational status, activity reporting, and maintenance notifications.


Expand the Capabilities of BellaBot 

BellaBot Specifications


22.24 x 21.14 x 50.79 inches

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Battery Life

12 to 24 hours based on usage

Maximum Load Capacity

88.18 pounds, 22.05 pounds per tray

Tray Size

16.14 x 19.69 inches

Tray Heights

9.06 inches | 7.87 inches | 7.87 inches | 7.09 inches 

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charge Time

4.5 Hours

Speed and Climb Angle

1.64 to 3.9 feet per second (adjustable)

 Climbing angle ≤ 5 degrees