KettyBot Pro

Marketing and Delivery Robot

KettyBot Pro is the Ideal Delivery and Marketing Robot

KettyBot Pro features a number of advanced operating modes.

Designed to Navigate within Narrow Spaces of 21.7 Inches

Smart Tray Load Detection

Customizable Advertising Display

KettyBot Pro has a high-resolution customizable 18.5-inch screen to promote or educate your customers about your products or services.

Voice Command Interaction

KettyBot Pro has the ability to greet and interact with your customers and staff members using its AI-powered voice recognition and response system.

Delivery or Advertising Professional

KettyBot Pro can changed from a delivery/advertising robot to a pure advertising customer service robot with the addition of its cover.

Deliver to Multiple Tables

KettyBot can deliver to multiple tables in one run by assigning a tray number to an individual table.

Intelligent Navigation Planning

KettyBot Pro uses real-time dual laser and visual navigation for safe and accurate movement.

Automatic Charging

When KettyBot Pro is low on power it will return to its base station for charging

Coordinated Navigation

When multiple KettyBot Pros are operating with the same location they communicate with each other to coordinate and optimize their travel paths.

Cloud-Based Management Platform

A cloud-based management platform allows you to control and manage multiple robots remotely including current operational status, activity reporting, and maintenance notifications.


Expand the Capabilities of KettyBot Pro

KettyBot Specifications


17.13 x 17.72 x 44.09 inches

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Battery Life

8+ hours based on usage

Maximum Load Capacity

66.14 pounds

Tray Size

13.86 x 13.39 inches

Marketing Display

18.5 inch high-resolution display screen


83.78 pounds

Charge Time

4.5 Hours


3.9 feet per second (adjustable)

Number of Trays


Tray Heights

9.76 inches | 9.96 inches | 8.78 inches