Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot

CC1 the Intelligent 4 in 1 Commercial Cleaning Robot

CC1 Sweeps, Scrubs, Vacuums, and Mops a Variety of Floor Surfaces

Powerful Vacuum

Pounds Per Square Inch of Pressure

Deep Cleans All Surfaces Including Corners

Extendable Steering Handle To Deal With Unexpected Cleaning Missions

The extension handle is used to manually operate CC1 for unplanned cleaning and is used to build multi-floor cleaning maps for autonomous cleaning.

Automatically Resumes Cleaning Missions

CC1 marks its current position when it senses low power or is low on water. It then returns to its base station to recharge and refill before returning to its last recorded position to complete its cleaning mission.

Intelligent Elevator Control

Advanced Navigation and Collision Avoidance

CC1 uses both a real-time visual and laser to position itself to execute its cleaning mission accurately and safely. 

Automatically Drains and then Fills

CC1 automatically drains and then fills itself with clean water at its docking station allowing it to operate without manual intervention.

Automatic Battery Charging

CC1 will automatically return to its charging/refill station when its battery is low.

Manage, Maintain, and Report on CC1

A cloud-based management platform allows you to control multiple robots in real-time remotely including current operational status, cleaning/activity reporting, and maintenance notifications.

Where Do You Find CC1 Working?

Office Buildings


Retail Stores




Healthcare Facilities

Manufacturing and Distribution Plants


Expand the Capabilities of BellaBot 

CC1 Specifications


24.80 x 24.65 x 26.26 inches

Construction Material

ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Battery Life

3 to 8 hours based on usage

Operating Noise Level

Less then 70dB

Cleaning Efficiency

7,750 – 12,912 ft²/h


165.35 pounds

Water Tanks Capacities

Clean Water 3.96 gallons

Waste Water 3.96 gallons

Charge Time

Less than 3 hours


1.64 to 3.9 feet per second (adjustable)

Suction Power

10000 – 15000 Pa (adjustable)